Modern Abaya & Hijab Styles for Current Era Ladies

The various Modern Abaya & Hijab Styles and the textiles used to make them, some of which deal with the face, are affected by the same social norms discovered in the places in which usually Islamic women dress in the outfit. In Iran, Islamic women dress in the surface-length chador, which handles the scalp but not the facial area. In Saudi Kuwait and Arabia, women put on the conventional Modern Abaya & Hijab Styles.

Saudi women protect their faces; the majority of Kuwaiti ladies don’t. In Afghanistan, watchful women use the burka, which addresses them from head to toe, such as their faces and eyes. These days, even in by far the most traditional Muslim nations in which women put on the abaya, protect their heads (along with the hijab) and their facial looks along with the veil (hijab).

hijab abaya fashion

modern hijab abaya

hijab abaya

hijab abaya fashion

modern hijab abaya fashion