Eight New Hijab Styles 2013

A woman can enhance her personality and beauty by wearing a fashionable hijab with style and aura. You can try for any style through coveting the neck properly yet handling the corners and pins in a proper shape. Small scarves are best for fat women while thin women and girls must wear large scarves in any shape according to their face shape. This year 2013 latest hijab styles are high in trend in almost every part of the world and you can choose any among them to look at your best:

new-hijab-styles-2013 (1)

new-hijab-styles-2013 (2)

1. Hermes and Neckties: You can wrap a herme or necktie in any shape round your face and head for adding colors and patterns to your garments.

2. Square Hijabs: Being straight and long, the square scarf can be folded up round the face in clockwise shape or can be tied up into a triangular shape depending on your choice.

3. Shellas: The shellas are similar to rectangular shaped shawl and dopatta which must be handled in a stylish way wrapping your neck not to look bulky. It can be worn by placing it on head and pulling it on both the sides of your face to make it more longer.

4. Cap and Under scarf: The scarf caps are available in different materials which can be worn on head before wearing silky or chiffon scarf. You can contrast and complement the colors of your scarf and cap depending on your outfit style. You can wear any scarf or stole and pin it on one side of your face.

5. Fringed Stole: Another style of wearing hijab is to pin the stole at back of the neck and pulling the longer side of stole round the neck and then taking it to the other side where you can fix it with a floral or jeweled hijabi pin. The fringes on the end will look more stylish and trendy.

6. Double Scarf: Hijab styles allow you a great variety of options in colors and patterns to look more elegant. You can wear the cap of any color and use two different colored scarves round your neck. You can pin each of them on both sides of your head looking more trendy and fashionable.

7. Head Bands and Scarf: By wearing a stylish head band on your head first and then wearing the matching scarf will offer a new creative look. The head bands can be accessorized with stones and pearls to look amazing in 2013.

8. Hair Bun: You can stylize your hijab by making a huge hair bun at the head top and then wrapping the scarf over it with some flowers and flayers giving a trendier appearance.