Soft, Trendy and Popular Malaysian Hijab

Hijab is basically an Arabic word that means a curtain or a screen. It is not just a dress code but a complete mindset. This is basically a divine command from Allah to Muslim man and women to be dressed up modestly. The Hijab refers to a long loose gown covering all body along with a piece of cloth which is used to cover the head so that not even a single hair is visible. The level and standard of modesty is too high in Islam. It addresses its subjects again and again to purify yourself with obedience and by completely submitting your wishes before the commands of the creator.

malaysian hijab fashion

malaysian hijab style

There are some conditions for observing the Hijab that are to be fulfilled like

• Clothing must be simple and should not be attract attention, it is important to avoid appealing colors, shining stuff and bold designs.
• Clothes that Muslim women wear should not be tight but loose to obscure your figure.
• Women should not be dressed up like men.
• Clothes should not be seeing thru and revealing.
• The accessories should not be prominent enough and should not be sound producing.
• It is better to avoid so much of make-up and other appealing things.

There are different styles of hijab across the world but essence being the same to have modest dressing and protection from evil elements of the society. The Turkish, Iranian, Malaysian and Indian Hijab are liked by many Muslim women and continuously trends and fashions in Hijab industry are changing. The Malaysian Hijabs are very unique in their style.

There are many different styles and types of Malaysian Hijab. The trendy fashion Abayas with little modifications are becoming popular in Malaysia. Also the Khaleeji Hijabicap styles are very much liked by Muslim women not only in Malaysia but all over the world. The women use the caps and wrap it around the head. On the back side of the cap a light weight flower of fine fabric is attached and when finally the Hijabi covers it with the scraf or Hijab, the back naturally looks to be rounder and fuller and it does not appear as a hump. The cap basically covers the forehead and down to the earlobes. Hijab caps are usually made from very soft fabric usually of polyester. It this is helpful in making a different style Malaysian Hijab.

Moreover, Kaftan style is also very famous in Malaysia. The Kaftan pieces are usually plain without having any prints. Kaftan is sometimes used on different important occasions but in this case the Muslim women prefer to have embroidery to give an elegant and decent look and also the Kaftan usually come in bright color. There could be one piece as well as two piece Kaftan Kurung in Malaysian Hijab styles.

The Malaysian Hijabs are being promoted through different brands and through online shopping stores. Different webpages illustrate the patterns and designs of Malaysian Hijabs and then those are being transferred from one region to another.